-Dar es Salaam-




Bagamoyo Town
Similar to Mombasa or Lamu, Bagamoyo town located north of Dar Es Salaam, is an ancient East African trade port. The town has been influenced by Arabs and Indians to create a uniquely Swahili culture.

On a day trip to Bagamoyo, you can visit ancient ruins, old churches and mosques and tour one of Tanzania’s only college of arts known as Chuo Cha Sanaa.

Bongoyo Island

One of the most entertaining things to do in Dar Es Salaam is swim in the beautiful warm tropical
Indian Ocean – but not right in Dar itself – there are a few locations that aren’t far that are much better
(and cleaner).

Bongoyo Island is a small island off the coast of Dar that makes a fantastic day trip of lazying on the beach, snorkeling and dining on fresh fried fish and chips.

Since becoming a marine reserve a few years ago, fees have severely increased, but it’s still worth it. Get to the island by taking a boat from The Slipway shopping center.

Price: $20 per person roundtrip (but minimum of 4 people)